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Separation Anxiety Details

Why My Dog?

The exact cause for your dog's anxiety will never be known.

What is known is that your dog will not just get over it, grow out of it or improve without help.

How Does It Work?

Systematic Desensitzation works because we always work at your dog's pace.

Your dog will feel safe and happy for longer periods of time because we slowly and gradually increase duration and triggers.

Your dog will feel safe because he will only be alone for as long as he can comfortably handle.

What is it?

Separation anxiety is a profound, clinical panic about being alone.

It is one of the most common canine behavior problems, suffered by over 17% of dogs in the U.S, and the

most commonly discussed disorder in published studies.

How Long Will it Take

We cannot know how long it will take to reach your alone time goal.

Your dog dictates the pace that we will go.

While the training process takes a real commitment, the outcome for you and your dog's lives is a long lasting one.

What is the Training?

Systematic Desensitization will be used, which is the gold standard for working with Separation-Related Behavioral Issues.

All training is done remotely.

What is the Committment?

Agree to and participate in a 4 Week Training Program.

Commit to not leaving your dog alone for longer than he can handle.

Use the required technology to monitor your dog's body language and participate in on-line training sessions.

Separation Anxiety Training Services

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Four Week Training Package - $800

  • An Initial Phone Consultation - 30 Minutes

  • An Initial Live Assessment - 60 Minutes

  • Four 60-minute Live Training Sessions One per Wee

  • Five Training Plans Per Week – 20 Total Training Plans 

  • One-on-One Coaching – Monday through Friday  

  • Coaching includes understanding your dog’s body language, training guidance and feedback on daily training and progress

Take the first step.  Contact Maureen to set-up a call.

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